The Blue Spruce Forest of Reading Books Have Arrived!

The Children in Grades 1 to 3 will be enjoying stories written by Canadian Authors in their library classes over the next few months.

After hearing all the stories, the children will vote for the book they feel should win the Forest of Reading Award for the Best Canadian book.  I will tabulate all of the votes and enter them with the Ontario Library Association.

The winner will be announced in May and will have been chosen by the children of Ontario.

Click on the link below to see the nominated titles for 2016.

Blue Spruce Nominees

I wonder which one will win!!

Forest of Reading Book Club has begun!

I am excited to report that we have about 30 students in Grades 4-6 enrolled in our Forest of Reading Book club and the students are voraciously reading to complete all ten books in time for the big vote in April!  Our Book Club meets twice a week in the library during nutrition break.  Students must commit to attending at least one of those sessions every week to check in and discuss and blog about their books.

Here are the links to view the nominated books:

Silver Birch Fiction Nominees

Silver Birch Non-Fiction Nominees

Silver Birch Express Nominees


and the Silver Birch Nominations are:

Lincoln Alexander’s newly formed, Forest of Reading Book Club has chosen these books to read and discuss together.  The Book Club members may read the other books independently if they wish, in order to make a good decision when they vote for the book they feel should win the Silver Birch Fiction award for this year’s Best Canadian Fiction Book. We are looking forward to some great discussions over lunch in the coming months!


A Good Trade

The Children enjoyed this story about Kato, a boy living in war-torn Uganda, who trades a white poppy (a symbol of peace) that has grown unexpectantly in his garden, for a pair of shoes after an aid worker brings a truck load to his town to deliver to the children. The unexpected gift of shoes will change the African children’s lives.
This book has been a wonderful lesson in empathy, and global citizenship and I think is an excellent choice for the BLUE SPRUCE AWARD for the Best Children’s Book in Canada!

Here are some aid organizations that give shoes to kids like Kato:
Samaritan’s Feet

The Forest of Reading Books Have Arrived!

Click on this link to see the nominated titles for 2014.
A Preview of the Blue Spruce Books for K-3

The Primary Students at Lincoln will enjoy each of these books during library time. These are Books written by Canadian authors and have been nominated for the Blue Spruce Reading Award put out by the Ontario Library Association.

The Children of Ontario will then vote for their favourite book in their classes. Their votes are submitted electronically, and the winning Canadian author will be announced in Toronto at the Forest of Reading Festival at Harbourfront in May.

Stay tuned for more information as we read the books together over the next couple of months.